The Disasters of War 27

Gottfried Helnwein


The Disasters of War 27 by Gottfried Helnwein

Oil and acrylic on canvas; 47,8 x 34,5 in.

The child gains high priority in Helnwein’s body of work. No other artist has ever paid more attention to the child – creating tension by considering it as a victim but also as an offender.

This artwork is dedicated to the sujet of the innocent child, depicted injured and covered in blood. It represents the virtuous and defenseless victim, which is helplessly exposed to war, abuse and sexual exploitation as well as modern media.

The child-symbol is generally associated with purity, innocence and vulnerability. Helnwein doesn’t create the picture of a carefree child, but a mentally and physically injured one. He turns their internal wounds and injuries inside out and visualizes them.